Eye Exams

Eye Exams in Henderson, NV

People of all ages benefit from regular and comprehensive eye exams. In fact, children as early as six
months of age are developmentally ready for an eye examination. Whether you're six months, six years, or 60
years old, obtain annual exams to ensure your eye health and comfort.

Why Get an Eye Exam?

When you receive regular eye exams at Envision Eyecare in Henderson, NV, we ensure that your lenses have
the correct prescription so you can see properly. We can also look for symptoms of eye disease and address
any possible issues early on.

To receive an eye exam, consult with our caring doctors. We have the necessary equipment, knowledge,
and skillset to keep your eyes healthy and comfortable.

What Does an Eye Health Exam Entail?

You don't need to worry about discomfort during your exam. Our procedure involves several simple

  1. We'll ask you to identify and read aloud the smallest visible line of text.
  2. Based on your chosen text and reading accuracy, we'll determine your vision acuity.
  3. Our staff then helps you choose corresponding lenses based on comfort and style preferences.

In addition to the standard Snellen eye chart reading, our staff tests for color deficiencies and accuracy
in each eye. These tests help us identify any potential issues that require further testing and diagnosis.

Because we use such a thorough process, you can rely on us to provide you with an efficient and
conclusive eye exam.

Set Up an Appointment

Let our friendly staff and doctors take care of you. We care about your eye health, so we work to provide
you with a comfortable environment and convenient eye-care products.

When you visit our office, you'll never want for high quality lenses that fulfill your fashion and vision
needs. To set up an appointment, fill out our online request form, or give us a call at 702-456-