Reading Glasses

It is common for our eyes to begin naturally aging once we hit 40. Medically, this is called presbyopia which means the weakening of the lens muscles inside the eye. The lens muscles are responsible for sharp focus and clear near vision.

Many adults begin to notice signs of presbyopia when reading or doing close work gets difficult. Other common signs include eye strain or headaches when trying to read fine print.

Different Types of Reading Glasses

Single vision reading glasses are for close work or reading. Full readers offer a uniform magnification and require that you remove them to see clearly at a distance. This type of reading glasses is ideal for individuals that frequently read. Half readers are also common and offer uniform magnification. This type of reader allows for reading up close with the ability to look over the lens when you want to view things that are distant.

Bifocal reading glasses are lenses with two different prescriptions. The top portion of the lens allows for distance vision, and the lower portion is for reading. Bifocals have a visible line across the midline which divides the two prescriptions.

Progressive lenses offer similar features to bifocals but have a no-line gradual multifocal. This means that the difference between the prescriptions is much more gradual and natural.

Custom Made Vs. Over the Counter Reading Glasses


Over-the-counter reading glasses may be less costly and available in stores, but they do not factor in your individual vision needs. Depending on your vision needs, over-the-counter glasses may work for you. However, they can cause eye strain, dizziness, and headaches when they are not the right fit for your vision.

During your appointment with Envision Eyecare, our highly trained doctors and staff will be able to walk you through the ordering process for custom lenses that can meet your vision correction needs. Our optical offers a wide variety of frame brands and styles so that you have many choices when it comes to style, shape, and comfort.

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