Kid\'s Optical

Kid's Optical:

As many as one out of every five children require glasses. At Envision Eyecare, we have many kid-specific (and kid-approved) frames that are strong, comfortable, and stylish.

It's vital to make sure that your child has the correct and most comfortable fit for their glasses. The team at Envision Eyecare will help make sure the glasses have the right fit so that your child has the best possible vision.

Specialty Sports Glasses

Sports and other activities can be extra challenging for children who wear glasses. Glasses often fall out of place when there is a lot of sharp or strong movement. We offer special sports glasses for children that will help children feel confident when wearing glasses during their activities.

Let Your Child Help!

It is crucial to let your child help choose their glasses. If your child loves the way their new glasses look, feel, and help them see with clarity, they are much more likely to wear them!

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